Monroe Michigan Sod InstallationInstallation:
When installing your sod, you will want to prep your soil.  Start with picking up any debris rocks, sticks and large clumps of soil.  Rake over the area to level the soil before adding sod.  Lay sod in rows staggering the seams and pull sides tight together to prevent gaps between sod pieces. 
Care After Installation:
After your sod has been installed, the most important thing that you want to keep in mind is ensuring the sod is wet.  As soon as the last sod piece is laid, you need to start watering your lawn ( you may need to start watering before that).  You will want to water your freshly installed sod at least 2-3 times per day for 2-3 weeks. When you lift up the corner of the sod, you want to see wet soil underneath. Never let it dry out. You should be able to mow your new sod in about 2 weeks with a walk behind mower. 
Your first application of fertilizer should be applied 3 weeks after the sod was laid with a slow release fertilizer. You'll want to add another application in 4-5 weeks.  Get into a good fertilizer program - at least a four-step program.  The healthier your lawn is, the better it will do to fight out weeds, disease and insects.