About Sandy Creek Sod Farm:
The owners of Sandy Creek Sod Farm, LLC of Monroe, Michigan have 50 years of combined experience in growing Kentucky bluegrass and other varieties of turf.  With our production and delivery skills, combined with our knowledge of growing the highest quality sod,  we can help you make a beautiful lawn while limiting your environmental footprint.

Consider the Environmental Benefits of Grass:
The next time you find yourself watching your grass grow, take some time and think about how valuable it is to our environment. A turf area 50'x50' will produce enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of a family of four.  1 acre provides enough oxygen for roughly 64 people.

Through photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and water and they use sunlight to produce a chemical energy that splits the 2H2O molecules providing us with the two oxygen atoms it takes to form O2 - which is the oxygen that we breathe. (Find this and more information about the roles that H2O and COplay in photosynthesis from this article on HowPlantsWork.com)